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Bel Power Solutions & Protection

Founded in 1949, Bel designs, manufactures and markets a broad array of products that power, protect and connect electronic circuits. With over 70 years of experience, Bel has reliably demonstrated the ability to succeed in a variety of product areas.


Bel and its divisions are primarily engaged in the design, manufacture, and sale of products used in networking, telecommunications, high-speed data transmission, commercial aerospace, military, transportation, and consumer electronics.


For more than 65 years, Caplugs has been the leader in product protection with innovative plastic molded components that solve industry-wide challenges in many markets such as medical, masking, energy, automotive, electronics, hydraulics and more.


We are proud to offer an extensive line of power products to our global customer base that serve the consumer, IoT, industrial, and medical industries.


EOS Power is the leading seller of ultra-miniature, high efficiency power solutions. The company designs, manufactures, sells and supports the world’s smallest and most efficient AC/DC switching power supplies ranging in power output from 25 to 1000 Watts and offers standard, modify standards/custom and turn-key design engineering.

Hirose Electric

Since the inception of HIROSE in 1937, the company has developed and introduced thousands of new connectors for numerous applications.

Judd Wire

Judd Wire is a high technology wire company, specializing in the use of electron beam crosslinked thermosets for wire insulation.

Man Yue

In over 40 years since its establishment in 1979, the Group has been dedicated to providing quality products. Its three major products, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (SAMXON®), Polymer Aluminum Capacitors (X-CON®) and Super Capacitors achieved satisfactory results.


Since 1952, we have been enabling the future and collaborating with our customers to succeed. We have developed an award winning reputation and established strong relationships with our customers by providing innovative solutions. Below, is a snapshot of our company history, our brand and what we achieved over the last 60 years.

Signal Transformer

Signal Transformer is celebrating over 50 years of manufacturing transformers, chokes, inductors and custom or modified standard products. Our commitment to quality is noted by its in-house ISO 17025 certified lab that enables us to participate in the CSA’s Supervised Manufacturing Testing & Certification (SMTC) program.


Timbercon designs and assembles fiber optic and hybrid solutions for the Military & Aerospace, Data Communications, Medical, and Industrial markets.


The product portfolio of TRP Connector includes discrete magnetic solutions, but is primarily focused on Integrated Connector Modules (ICM), where the Ethernet magnetics solution is integrated into a connector package.

About Us

Three simple philosophies have guided Eclipse Marketing’s success as an electronic manufacturing representative for over 70 years in the Pacific Northwest:

  • Focus on each principle regardless of the size.
  • Invest in our partners and customers.
  • Surpass existing boundaries (as our name implies!)

Eclipse Marketing’s team selling approach to product management, inclusive company culture, and unsurpassed supporting infrastructure sets Eclipse Marketing apart from all competitors.

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